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Events for 2002 - 2003

August 17, 2002 - Texas Rev.-Up,

The Battle of Gonzales, October 2, 1835 - The settlers of Gonzales defy Mexican authority and fire the first shot of the Texas Revolution

October 5-6, 2002 - "Come and Take It" Days in Gonzales, Texas. This small farming and ranching Texas town celebrates the event that placed its name into world history books forever: the "Come and Take it" flag. Mexican General Cos stationed in San Antonio sent a detachment of about 30 cavalrymen to remove from the citizens of Gonzales a small 1" bore cannon they had for protection from Indians. Several hundred Texans that had gathered in Gonzales for the building revolution stood off the Mexican troops, under a hastily made flag. It bears a cannon barrel and the soon to be famous words: "Come and Take It". In downtown Gonzales there is a parade, craft & food booths, music and much, much more. After you've seen the parade, eat and drink your fill and the music is getting to you, gather up the family and head out to the Gonzales Pioneer Village, a mile or so north of downtown. At the Pioneer Village, you can leisurely stroll amongst 19th and early 20th century homes and other buildings. While doing this you will receive a short history and insight to the life and daily routine of the 1835 Texans. You will witness various scenarios and a skirmish between the Mexican troops and the Texans. This not an actual re-enactment of the original clash, but will give you a better understanding of 1830's military tactics. On Saturday the Village is open from 12 noon till 5p.m. There is a small admission fee for entry, but it is well worth it. See you there. Click here for Reënactor/Living Historian Information

The Battle for Goliad, October 9, 1835 - Goliad Falls to Texian Forces

October 19-20, 2002 - Texian Market Days , at the George Ranch just south of Richmond, Texas . Look for more information here as the time grows nigh.

October 26-27, 2002 - Austin Town Festival Historic Pioneer Texas Reenactment! Share your heritage and re-live Texas history at its best. Imagine the sound of a thunderous cannon boom as the militia is called to muster and seeing Stephen F. Austin, Jane Long, and other historical characters living life as it was in their time.
Step back in time with the Brazoria County Historical Museum as it presents the Fifth Annual Austin Town on October 25-27, 2001. A living history re-enactment, Austin Town recalls and celebrates the lives of those pioneers who settled Colonial Texas from 1821 to 1836. The fictitious "Austin Town" typically features character interpreters, demonstrators, sutlers, militia drill units, and period games. The purpose of the three-day event is not only to provide an educational and entertaining experience for Brazoria County residents, but also to attract visitors from outside the County who appreciate our area's wonderful history as well.
The Austin Town site is located approximately 2 miles off of State Highway 288 on Business 288, just north of Angleton, Texas. Admission Prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12 and senior citizens. Austin Town is open for school groups only on Friday, October 26. Austin Town is open to all visitors on Saturday, October 26 are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Sunday, October 27 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. For more information, please contact Ace Filipp or by telephone at (979) 864-1208. Click here for Reënactor/Living Historian Information and Forms

October 26, 2002 - "Battle of Concepción" 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Admission is free. Near the old Spanish Mission of Concepción, this battle of the Texas Revolution was fought between the Mexican military garrisoned in town and the Texian rebels. This historical encampment and battle reenactment will be presented across from Mission Concepción at 919 Mission Road, adjacent to St. Peter/St. Joseph's Children's Home. Members of the San Antonio Living History Association, using authentic flintlock muskets, long rifles and cannon of the combatants, dress in uniforms and clothing of the 1830s. The field event includes a historic encampment with period demonstrations and life skills of the 1835-36 Texas Revolution. This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information contact SALHA through their web site .

November 2-3, 2002 - San Felipe, Texas will be holding a Stephen F. Austin celebration this year and the Texas Army has been asked to participate in the event. We will be encamped across from the small State Park in San Felipe. Set up may be done on Friday the 2nd and take down Sunday the 4th.The Army will provide firewood but bring your own water containers as none will available except in town. No parade will be held this year so this will be strictly a show and tell camp for te public. Bring plenty of powder to burn so we can let the public know where we are encamped and those that can play (or not) a note, bring your instuments. For more information contact: Jerry Tubbs

November 9 - 11, 2002 - Camp at Egypt Plantation Texas will be held on November 9th to the 11th. There will be a large antique dealer display, trailrides, 1870's chuckwagon cook-offs and 1830's Texian and Mexican camps. The main day will be Saturday the10th. We will forward more info as it becomes available. Contact: Burlon Parsons by e-mail. Hope to see you there.

The Storming of Béxar, December 9, 1835 - Béxar (San Antonio) Falls to Texian Forces

December 7, 2002 - Battle of Béjar and the Capitulation of General Cos 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM at La Villita's Maverick Plaza. Admission is free. Reenactment of the 5-day storming of Béjar (old San Antonio) and the surrender ceremonies of the Mexican garrison by General Martín Perfecto de Cos to the Texian Federalist Army. The nearby Cos House in historic La Villita is the site of the December, 1835, capitulation that gave Texian troops control of Béjar and the Alamo fortress only three months before the famous 1836 siege and battle of the Alamo. This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information contact SALHA through their web site .

January 18, 2003 - Powder Burn & Volley Practice. 2PM, Hill Country Rifle Range, Hamilton Pool Rd., Austin. Proposed topics: Care & Feeding of Black Powder Weapons; Volley Practice; Color Guard How To. These will be practicals (Show & Tell & Do). Live fire may be allowed, so bring lead if you want to shoot targets. Cost is $5 per man & $2 per additional gun. Hamilton Pool Rd runs South off Hwy 71 between Austin and Bee Cave. About 9 1/2 miles down Hamilton Pool Rd., turn left at the range sign. Click to see map. Go up the gravel road and you're there. Contact Jim Price for further details. This event is rated 1.

January 18, 2003 - KaffeKlatch. 6PM at Springhill Restaurant, 13212 W. Hwy 71 (between Hwy 620 and the Chevron station), Austin. Click to see map. This social gathering is a chance to share information in a non-camp setting. Topics for disussion include safety, sources for gear & clothing, recipes and camp how-to, and creating / improving your mid-1830s persona. Contact George Rollow if you plan to attend, as a large turnout will affect our reservation at the restaurant (they have a bigger room if we need it). This event is rated 1.

January 25 - 26, 2003 - Pilgrim's Camp and Swap Meet. Folks from several different Texas Rev groups have joined together to organize this event with the goal of providing a friendly, safe, informative and fun place for "civilians" to explore their interest in living history and for "old hands" to pass on their knowledge and expertise. Camping will be available in two camps; one for modern camping and one for period camping. Meetings will be held to discuss the various levels of living history; the philosophy and goals of our avocation; weapons, clothing and tools of the period; historical research, and, above all else: safety issues. In order to provide an environment most conducive to learning, the event will be open to living historians, reënactors, interested individuals and groups, but will be closed to the general public. In conjunction with the "Pilgrim's" Camp, the "old hands" are encouraged to bring their surplus gear, equipment, clothes and accouterments for an old fashioned trading session and swap meet. 

If you're a living historian interested in helping lead one of the presentations or simply someone interested in getting involved in the wonderful world of early Texas, contact Jerry Tubbs (telephone 713-973-1136) or Charlie Yates (telephone 512-264-2355). A $10 camp fee will be charged for wood & port-a-jons. For more details click here. This event is rated 1.

Update 1/5/03: Due to responsibilities elsewhere, John Clark & crew may not be able to be there. We will post further updates as things become clearer, but for now it is advised to be prepared to supply your own meals.

February 14-16, 2003 Camp of Instruction 1836 at Fort Defiance (Presidio de LaBahia) in Goliad, Texas. The event is open to all interested. At present we have on schedule several seminars to include but not limited to "Developing a First-Person Impression", "Clothing of the Revolution", and "The Manual of Arms for the Militia by Winfield Scott". This is believed to be the same manual shipped to Texian forces to be used during the revolution. We are currently arranging this event with Texian forces in mind but are open to suggestions for the Mexican soldado as well .
There are a number of details important to those wishing to participate. Read them here .
It is hoped this event wil benefit all who reenact the Texas Revolution regardless of impression or unit affiliation. If you are interested in participating please contact either myself (Scott McMahon, mountedranger@hotmail.com ) or David Vickers( djvickers@hotmail.com ) and we will forward a schedule and final details regarding the event.

    Dios, Libertad y Tejas
    Scott McMahon
    S.W. Frontiers Mntd. Ranging Co.
This event is rated 2.

Santa Anna and the Mexican Army Arrive in Béxar, February 23, 1836 - The Alamo is Surrounded by Mexican Forces

Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1836 Delegates in convention at Washington-On-The-Brazos sign the Texas Declaration of Independence

Texas Independence Day Celebrations:

March 1, 2003 - Texas Independence Day Celebration and Parade in Austin, Texas.  Sponsored by our friends at Celebrate Texas . The parade starts at 10 AM (Participants are to line up by 9:15) and goes from the Congress Avenue Bridge (Austin's famous Bat Bridge) to the Texas Capitol.  This event is rated 3.

March 1-2, 2003 - Texas Independence Day Festivities at Washington-On-The-Brazos, Texas. The annual Independence Day celebration will be celebrated with politicians, speeches, music by the Fathers of Texas Band and lots more fun things to do and see. For an invitation to participate, contact Walt Bailey. "We do have a limitation on the number of people we can invite to this event. However, we have not yet reached that number and so I would encourage individuals or groups who are willing to follow the rules to contact me and request an invitation to the event. I can be reached at 936-878-2214 ext. 227. P.O. Box 305, Washington, TX 77880 as well as at Walter.Bailey@tpwd.state.tx.us ".  This event is rated 3.

March 1, 2003 - Glory at the Alamo at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Admission is free. Living history reënactments portray the beginning of the 13-day Alamo siege including a scene from a Fandango; the earlier-than-expected arrival of Santa Anna's Army of Operations Against Texas; early attempts to parley, an Alamo cannon shot in reply; and the reading of the famous Travis letter from the Alamo asking for aid. "Glory At The Alamo" programs also feature living history interactive demonstrations, period music, dance, food and novelty booths, historical crafts, old-time photographs, a sutler store and family fun for all. Also hosted is "This Hallowed Ground - Alamo Plaza", a historical walking tour of Alamo Plaza that is presented in collaboration with the William Barret Travis Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information contact SALHA through their web siteThis event is  rated 3½ .

The Alamo Falls to Santa Anna, March 6, 1836 - Travis, Crockett, Bowie and approximately 200 defenders are killed in heavy, early morning fighting.

March 6, 2003 - Dawn at the Alamo Memorial 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio,Texas. SALHA members, joined by re-enactors from across the U.S., represent both armies and pay homage in recognition of the great sacrifices made on both sides of the Alamo conflict. Thirteen candles are lit to symbolize the 13-day Alamo siege. The fall of the Alamo is remembered with a historical narrative, readings of eyewitness accounts, a reconciliation peace prayer, in both English and Spanish, flintlock musket volley salutes, and the placement of commemorative wreathes complete the solemn event. This free hour-long event begins during the Alamo battle hour that begins in darkness and ends in early morning light. Participation with wreathes is welcomed from Alamo descendants, historical organizations, students and other visitors. This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information contact SALHA through their web siteThis event is  rated 3½ .

March 8-9, 2003 - "Remembering the Alamo" Weekend at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, from 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday, and 12 – 4 PM Sunday. Admission is free. Features educational programs, demonstrations and re-enactments interpreting the men, women, and children of both sides of the Alamo battle. From historical music and dance, food preparation, corn grinding, spinning and weaving to demonstrations of the types of arms and tactics used by both sides with military accoutrements and 1836 period fashions. "Santa Anna's Council of War" and "For God and Texas! ¡Dios y Libertad!" are the main re-enactments that convey the story of the Alamo conflict. A Sutler store, Alamo certificates signed by students with quill pens, cornhusk doll making, and a kids marching drill are also featured. This San Antonio Living History Association-sponsored event welcomes and invites participation from other Texas Revolution reenactors and organizations who wish to register for this event. For more information contact SALHA through their web siteThis event is  rated 3½ .

Battle of Coleto, March 19, 1836 - Fannin and 384 men under his command surrender to General Urrea

Fannin Massacre, March 27, 1836 - Fannin and 384 men under his command are massacred at Goliad

March 29-30, 2003 - "The Goliad Massacre" at Presidio La Bahía, Goliad, Texas. This event is sponsored by the Presidio La Bahía and the Crossroads of Texas Living History Association. Click here for Attendance Information including a complete list and timetable of events. Click here for Reënactor/Living Historian Information in MS Word format. Check out the Photos from the 2001 event. CONTACTS: Steve Trowbridge , 307 Taos, Victoria, TX 77904 or Dave Vickers , P. O. Box 942, Sinton, TX 78387 This event is rated 3½.

April 5 - 6, 2003 - Runaway Scrape and Engagement at Thompson's Ferry, at the George Ranch , just south of Richmond, Texas . The George Ranch Historical Park will be hosting its fourth annual Runaway Scrape and Engagement at Thompson's Ferry on April 5th and 6th, 2003. We have had a good turn out of re-enactors the past couple of events but this year we hope for more. We need re-enactors to portray fleeing colonists, defending Texian infantry, cavalry, and artillery, as well as Mexican infantry, cavalry, and artillery. There will be a cotton bale defense line for the Texians that will be defending Thompson's Ferry. There will be firewood, hay, and water for camps. Horses must have current Coggins. Bounty for artillery, and possibly mileage pay. All reenactors must return registration forms by April 1st by mail or by fax. To receive a registration form please call the Ranch at 281-343-0218 ext. 278 (Bryan McAuley).  This event is  rated 3½ .

April 12, 2003 - History Faire and Culture Fest sponsored by Tejeda Middle School, San Antonio, Texas. 10am - 4pm. This event covers from Vikings to Viet Nam, and is a community, family style event that apparently draws quite a crowd. This is a great event to introduce many to "living history". The following is from one of the organizers:
"Last year it was called the Tejeda Middle School History Faire & Market, and we had quite a few vendors. This year, however, it's the Tejeda MS History Faire & Cultural Fest. The timeline history reenactment groups and demonstrations will still be on the hill, just like last year. Added groups include the Buffalo Soldiers and we're working on getting a Native American group. The main difference will be that a stage will be set up down in the parking lot for dance and performance groups. So far Cloggers, Polish, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern dance groups have signed up. Musical groups include Scots, Mexican, and an ethnic drum group. ( MS students learn Social Studies as opposed to History ). Student groups will still sell food/drinks, and run some games. There will be some craft/skill demonstrations. Origami, rope making etc. Also if anyone knows of any one or group who would be interested in participating please have them get in touch with me. Thanks. Debora Marzec ." Contact Debora for registration and directions. More info here . This event is  rated 3½ .

April 12, 2003 - Easter Fete at the French Legation, 802 San Marcos St. in Austin. 1-4pm. Egg hunt and games for the kids, live music, free tours, and a picnic area (bring a lunch and a blanket). Details of what we might be doing are still in the works, this event helps us return the favor of the DRT's support. On-site contact is Jack Hinson . Admission for the general public (non-participants) is $6 for adults, $3 for kids. This event is  rated 3½

Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836 - Santa Anna's Army Defeated by General Sam Houston and Texian Forces

April 26, 2003 - San Jacinto Battle Reënactment
at the San Jacinto Battleground and Monument near Deer Park, Texas. Contact Jerry Tubbs ... Photos from 2001 This event is  rated 3½ .

May 10, 2003 - 2nd Annual REENACTOR’S SWAP MEET for Confederates, Federals, Texians & Gunfighters...
Saturday 9:00 AM ‘til 4:00 PM, Camp Ben McCulloch, Driftwood (Austin), Texas.
The Capitol Guards Artillery Co. invites you to an old fashioned swap meet.  You can buy, sell and trade re-enactor gear from several periods of history. This is a great opportunity for new folks to our hobby to meet some veteran re-enactors and exchange ideas as well as some valuable experiences. The location is an historic Confederate Reunion Grounds just Southwest of Austin.  There is a large covered area, if we need it, restroom facilities, a beautiful (but cold!) creek and large shade trees.  There are lots of concrete tables and benches for our use.   Take Hwy 290 west, past Oak Hill about 1 mile, then take a left on Camp Ben McCulloch Road.  Follow that for about 7 miles, and when you come to the Salt Lick BBQ Restaurant on the right, the entrance to Camp Ben on the left, directly across the street. The Capitol Guards will be cooking and selling sausage wraps and lemonade during lunch for your convenience. Of course, you can bring your own, or go across the street to the famous, but expensive, Salt Lick, which is cash only. Come and join us, period dress is optional. This event is rated 1.

June 28 2003 - Second Annual Fort Velasco Battle Observance   at Quintana Beach County Park, hosted by the Brazoria Militia. The year is 1832, so dress and gear up accordingly. Click here for history, then click your back button to get back here.
You are invited to join the Brazoria Militia in commemorating the Battle of Velasco (28 June, 1832), on Saturday, 28 June, 2003, at Quintana Beach County Park.  Needed are colonists, militia, soldados and camp followers; bring along tents and gear, and artillery.  Sorry, no horses are allowed on this site.  I have attempted to supply firewood, but have not had much luck -- a limited supply of firewood will be available, so bring a bit to be safe. 
The ladies of the Women's Auxiliary of the Brazoria Militia have graciously agreed to feed our visitor-reenactors on Saturday evening.  They will brave the heat to prepare the meal; you must bring your own mess kit and RSVP so they will know how much food to prepare.
This is an all-day affair, with the public are free to intermingle with reenactors.  Camps may be set up on Friday and left in place until Sunday – if you choose.  For those with "tin tepees," RV spaces may be had for a reasonable fee (call ahead at 1-800-872-7578).  Water, restrooms, and a shower are available to all campers.
RSVP by e-mail or to 979-848-2148 (leave message). 
Jim Glover
Brazoria Militia
This event is rated .

July 26, 2003 - KaffeKlatch. 6PM at Hill's Cafe, 4700 S Congress Ave (on the right as you head south from Ben White / Hwy 71 / US290), Austin. This social gathering is a chance to share information in a non-camp setting. Topics for disussion include safety, sources for gear & clothing, recipes and camp how-to, and creating / improving your mid-1830s persona. Contact George Rollow if you plan to attend, as a large turnout will affect our reservation at the restaurant. This event is rated 1.

If you would like to have your pre-1840 Texas History event listed here, send me all the pertinent information and I'll post it. Be sure to include a TLA Rating and an event contact for further information.

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