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Rules and Safety Regs

Safety Rules and Safety Checklist for living history volunteers carrying muzzle loading arms to the 2003 Texas Independence Day Celebration at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

Safety rules:
To reduce the risk of injury to participants, staff and visitors, all groups and individuals engaged in historic demonstrations will be required to:

(1.) Designate a safety officer approved by the TPWD Site Manager. (2.) Refrain from all smoking when wearing or using any container that contains gunpowder. (3.) Insure that each participant be responsible for the safe operating condition of his or her individual arm and bring concerns about unsafe weapons to the safety officer immediately. (4.) Insure that all flintlocks are equipped with a flashguard and hammer stall. No exceptions. (5.) Discharge weapons only in a designated area during scheduled demonstrations, the place and time for which will be agreed upon with park staff at the outset of the event. (6.) Submit to a safety inspection before each demonstration conducted by a safety officer and observed by a designated park staff person. During each inspection the safety officer will be required to insure that each weapon is unloaded by means of pinging the ramrod, that each weapon will hold a half cock when the weapon is supported by the trigger alone, that all ramrods are left in camp during demonstrations, and that all flintlocks are equipped with a flashguard and hammer stall. (7.) Insure that all firing will be done with the muzzle pointed well into the air, at least 45 degrees from the horizontal. All park visitors will be located behind the shooter(s), at a distance of not less than five yards. (8.) Provide a contact person(the safety officer) who will act as liason between participants and park staff. This contact person will be required to attend all safety/demonstration coordination meetings scheduled during the event. (9.) Require that upon completion of a demonstration, the safety officer shall check for any loads not discharged. In the event an individual has a “hot load”, the arm shall be unprimed, the cock or hammer set down to it’s lowest position, and the arm shall be pointed in a safe direction until an opportunity is granted to discharge the round. (10.) Be advised that battle reenactments and/or demonstrations that involve firing at opposing lines, the taking of casualties, prisoners, colors, or any other form of simulated warfare will be absolutely prohibited. (11.) Be advised that state law prohibits open containers and public consumption of alcohol on park grounds and that no alcoholic beverages will be allowed at any time on the grounds of Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site.  (12.) At all times, firearms are to be secured by the participant, and under no circumstances will the general public be allowed to handle, pick up, or use a firearm. (13.) At no time will handguns be loaded or drawn. (14.) Camp fires are allowed but no digging into the ground will be permitted. (15.) Fire pails (buckets) will be kept within reach of all campfires and tents. The safety officer will check to see that water is available at all times.

Safety Checklist:
□ No splinters, rough edges, or major cracks in the stock.
□ No burrs on the butt plate or trigger guard screw heads that would snag clothing or hands.
□ Barrel properly secured to stock with all pins or bands.
□ Generally, no splinters or rough edges.
□ Two piece stocks have sections securely joined.
□ Lock works smoothly.
□ The hammer or cock fits tightly on the lock tumbler.
□ All of the lock positions are firm and solid.
□ The half-cock (safety) position works properly.
□ When pulled, the trigger lets off smoothly without catching on half-cock.
□ Trigger pull is proper; not a “hair” trigger.
□ Lock fits snugly into the stock and snugly against the barrel.
□ Jaws of the cock grip the flint securely.
□ There is a proper leather or lead flint cap.
□ The flint is in good condition and set at a proper angle.
□ The barrel is free from visible cracks.
□ The vent is clear and of acceptable size.
□ A flashguard is installed.
□ The weapon is equipped with a hammer stall.

Reenacter’s Name:___________________
Safety Officer:_________________
Type of weapon(e.g. musket, long rifle, trade gun): ___________

Release of Liability for living history volunteers carrying muzzle loading arms to the 2003 Texas Independence Day Celebration at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

I, _______________ (print name), understand and agree with the following statements.
1. Living History is by its very nature is a potentially hazardous hobby that I voluntarily engage in at my own volition.
2. Living History requires that I cross rough terrain in all types of weather and may result in injury or death if safety rules are not followed.
3. I will be using, or in close proximity to, firearms, destructive devices, and/or equipment that are potentially leathal and may result in permanent hearing impairment to me if I do not follow the safety rules.
4. Pre-existing health problems that may adversely affect me during public events are my sole responsibility.
5. Unsafe or negligent actions on my part that result in injury or death to another participant are my sole responsibility.
6. I will follow the rules of Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at all times.
7. I will police the area that I am using and pick up all litter and equipment before leaving.
8. I have read the Safety Rules and Safety Checklist and agree to abide by them.

I agree to hold the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. free of any liability arising from injury and/or death to myself, or damage to my personal property or vehicles.
Signature:______________________________ Date:_____________
Mailing Address:__________________________________________

Authenticity Guidelines
To be in effect: March 1 from 10am-5pm and March 2 10am-5pm
Over the years Washington-on-the-Brazos SHS has seen a tremendous improvement in the level of authenticity and safety employed by the demonstrators involved with the Texas Independence Day Celebration. As you know, our goal and obligation to the public is to provide an accurate, entertaining, and educational experience relevant to the mission of Washington-on-the-Brazos SHS and its time period. We realize the success of this goal depends on considerable commitment of money, time, and research by the event participants. The following guidelines will also help us to reach these goals.
1. Participants, including children, are required to be in pre-1840 attire for the duration of the event. Absolutely none of the following will be allowed: non-period sunglasses, dusters, civil war uniform items, “mountain man” impressions, cowboy boots, chaps, T-shirts, blue jeans (of any color), tennis shoes, shower shoes, non-period sandals, rubber pacs, or logger boots. NOTE: Wellington boots, moccasins, huaraches and high buttoned shoes are fine.
2. No modern tentage.
3. No post-1840 items are to be visible at any time. This includes snack food bags, ice chests,  and plastic water containers.
4. All drinks shall be in period containers.
5. Participants’ vehicles will not be allowed in camp during the hours in which these guidelines
are in effect.
6. Parents will be responsible for the actions of their children.
7. All pets must be on a leash and under control of their owner at all times.
8. Trashcans will be provided. Please bring your own trash bags. Remember, leave nothing but footprints.
9. Only pre-1840 historic replica weapons will be allowed.
10. Non-period tobacco use, e.g. cigarettes, shall take place away from public view.

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