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The Texian Legacy Association welcomes all folks who share our interest in pre-1840 Texas history and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.

Above all, we want our membership to work for our membership. We want to create a family oriented environment that nurtures learning, cooperation, mutual support and understanding. We want to be able to provide our members with up to date information on events, concerns and legislation or regulations which may affect our hobby. We want to provide a helpful and friendly place where folks who are just getting started can feel comfortable and obtain accurate information. We want a place where we can encourage each other to grow and always improve our hobby.

If you want: to learn; to share what you learn; to be encouraged and encourage others; to promote Texas culture and heritage; to try something different, then

this is the place for you.

Membership dues of $20 per year (payable by April 21st of every year) entitle each member to:

*Black powder cannot be shipped by TLA, it must be picked up by appointment.

The majority of membership fees go toward supporting our members and furthering our stated goals of increasing public awareness of Texas history.

For a printable copy of our membership application in Adobe Acrobat format, follow this link. For a copy you can fill out before printing, also in Adobe Acrobat format, follow this link.
To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat click on the graphic below:

(Be sure to remember to install Acrobat after you download it.)

If you would like to join our organization, send your name, address, city, state, zip, interests and a check or money order payable to Texian Legacy Association (NO CASH, Please) for $20 to:

The Texian Legacy Association
141 Short St.
Bastrop, Texas 78602

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