The San Jacinto Battle ReŽnactment
April 21, 2001

The San Jacinto Battle ReŽnactment, sponsored by the San Jacinto Volunteers, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, San Jacinto Museum of History Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was a great success and a lot of fun. You'll notice that the pictures were taken mostly of the Mexican side. If anyone has some photos from the Texian side they would like posted, email them to me and we'll include them.
All photos marked with an asterix * are graciously provided and copyrighted by our friends at Be sure to stop by their site sometime.

Preparing for the cannon duel.

Mexican Cannon Crew: (l-r) Tony Tristan, Charlie Yates, "Powder Monkey" Victor, Don Herlitz, Michael Tristan (off camera - Jerry Tubbs, commanding.)

Artillery in retreat.


Call to Arms!


The Mexicans defending the breastworks.


The Texian Cavalry leads the charge.

More San Jacinto Battle Photos

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