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The Texian Legacy Association is, fundamentally, a teaching tool. Our purpose is "to research, preserve and teach the skills and history of pre-1840 Texas and to foster an interest in the rich heritage of Texas through public living history presentations, demonstrations, reenactments and interpretations." Any activity or behavior which furthers that goal will be fostered and encouraged. Conversely, any activity or behavior which does not further that goal will be looked upon as unacceptable.
All events listed on the TLA Event Roster will be rated according to the Event Rating System.

General Rules & Regulations

These rules will be in effect for all Texian Legacy Association encampments and programs. Only events sanctioned by the Board of Directors as a TLA event is to be publicized as such, and no non-TLA event is to use the name of the Texian Legacy Association without prior written permission of the Director of TLA.

The Texian Rangers will be responsible for enforcement of all rules. If a dispute arises, a citizens' committee of three will be formed by drawing lots. The Alcalde, Rangers and parties to the dispute are not eligible to sit on the committee. The citizens' committee will investigate the dispute and make a recommendation to the Alcalde. As representative of The Texian Legacy Association, the Alcalde will make final disposition of the dispute. The decision of the Alcalde is final and binding on all parties.

The rules will be strictly and uniformly enforced at all times. Violation of any of the following rules may result in expulsion from the camp or event. Additional rules may apply at specific events or sites and will be published on the event notice.

1. Participants, including children, are required to be in pre-1840 attire for the duration of the event. Absolutely none of the following will be allowed: non-period sunglasses, dusters, cowboy boots, chaps, T-shirts, blue jeans (of any color), tennis shoes, shower shoes, non-period sandals, rubber pacs, or logger boots. NOTE: Wellington boots, moccasins, huaraches and high buttoned shoes are fine.

2. No modern tentage.

3. No post-1840 items are to be visible at any time. This includes propane or electric devices of any kind, ice chests and plastic water containers.

4. All drinks shall be in period containers.

5. Participant's vehicle will be allowed in camp one hour for the purpose of unloading, otherwise there will be no non-period vehicles in camp once the event has started, except in the event of emergencies.

6. Fighting of any kind, domestic or otherwise, will not be tolerated.

7. Public intoxication will not be tolerated under any circumstances while the gates are open. No alcoholic beverages will be consumed in the public view, before the last shot of the day is fired, or before sunset. The site management may further restrict the consumption or display of alcohol.

8. Thievery of any kind will be dealt with within camp.

9. Parents will be responsible for the actions of their children.

10. All pets must be on a leash and under control of their owner AT ALL TIMES.

11. First aid kits will be in those camps marked with a Medico flag and at the Alcaldes camp.

12. A trash station will be provided. Bring your own trash bags and toilet paper. Remember, leave nothing but footprints.


1. Only pre-1840 historic replica weapons will be allowed.

2. Due to safety concerns, indiscriminate cannon, rifle and pistol fire will not be allowed. Don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to burn lots 'o powder.

3. Safety officers will be present and all rules will be strictly enforced during ALL shoots.

4. There will be no loaded firearms in camp.


Traders attend TLA sponsored events by invitation, only. There will be a traders' committee. Remember, the burden of pre-1840 proof is on you, not on the Rangers! If a dispute arises, it will be handled by the traders' committee.

1. Pre-1840 trade goods only.

2. NO Styrofoam or commercial "kit" boxes.

3. NO plastic containers for beads, tacks, etc. Glass, tin or baskets are acceptable.

4. NO turquoise or "junk" jewelry.

5. NO T-shirts, iridescent feathers, posters, feather hat bands, ceramic figurines, novelty mugs, lamps, wind chimes, plastic goods or other "tourist" type items.

6. Books, magazines, original works of art or limited edition prints that pertain to the era are acceptable.

7. ALL trading will take place in the confines of the camp. NO tail gate type setups will be allowed in the parking area.

Guide Lines for Presenters and Demonstrators

History is a record of events from the past. One of the primary purposes of learning and studying history is to understand how people in the past dealt with different types of circumstances in order to use those past experiences as a tool in dealing with similar circumstances today.

All facts given by presenters must be able to be documented and are subject to review and verification. Many people who attend our events are very knowledgeable of Texas History. If you are a presenter, DO YOUR HOMEWORK and be ready to defend your facts with hard evidence. "I read it somewhere" or "Somebody told me" is not acceptable. If a dispute arises, validity of historical documentation and accuracy will be determined by the Director of the Texian Legacy Association, whose decision is final.

All of history is made up of people just like us. They had the same problems, needs, traumas, dreams, vanities, fears and desires as we experience today. They were ordinary people who, at times, accomplished extra-ordinary things. Presenters and demonstrators are encouraged to present their persona in a manner consistent with this philosophy.

The purpose of The Texian Legacy Association is to provide participants and the public alike with the opportunity to experience a safe, educational, fun and high quality historical reenactment of early Texas. Help us to make these events the best ones ever through your cooperation, contributions and support.

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