Camp of Instruction 1836

Camp of Instruction 1836 will be held the weekend of February 14-16, 2003 at Fort Defiance (Presidio de LaBahia) in Goliad, Texas. The event is open to all interested in participating regardless of your unit affiliation or your desired side of interpretation.
Planned Events:
At present we have on schedule several seminars to include but not limited to "Developing a First-Person Impression" and "Clothing of the Revolution ". There will also be ongoing instruction in "The Manual of Arms for the Militia by Winfield Scott", this is believed to be the same manual shipped to Texian forces to be used during the revolution. As a side note, this is also the same manual recently ordered to train extras for the upcoming Alamo movie. We are currently arranging this event with Texian forces in mind but are open to suggestions for the Mexican soldado as well .
Setup and Takedown:
You may begin arriving on site Friday afternoon and may set up camp just like during the Fannin Massacre event. We ask that you unload and remove your vehicle from the compound and then return to setup camp and as soon as camp is struck you change into period clothes and stay in period clothing the remainder of the event. Sunday you may begin breaking down camp around noon.
As things stand now you will be on your own for meals but if this changes you will be notified, provided you have given us a contact Email address. Since this is a small event  being run by private individuals there may be a small fee to cover the meals if they are provided.
You will need to bring a period firearm and suitable blank cartridges either in a cartridge box or shooting bag. It is suggested that you bring a minimum of 40 rounds for the weekend. All firearms will be inspected at a mandatory  garrison inspection/parade Saturday morning and if a weapon is found to be unsafe it will not be used unless proper repairs are made. You are asked to install flashguards but this is not mandatory, it is however a safety feature you should invest in. Hammerstalls are mandatory as they are essential in preventing a misfire while drilling with a loaded weapon. Participants under the age of 16 without an adult sponsor will not be allowed to take part in the firing of blanks but may be permitted to participate in the drill portions of the manual of arms.

It is hoped this event wil benefit all who reenact the Texas Revolution regardless of impression or unit affiliation. If you are interested in participating please contact either myself (Scott McMahon ) or David Vickers( ) and we will forward a schedule and final details regarding the event.

    Dios, Libertad y Tejas
    Scott McMahon
    S.W. Frontiers Mntd. Ranging Co.

    "Hays's Rangers have come, their appearance never to be forgotten. Not any sort of uniforms, but well mounted and doubly well armed: each man has one or two Colt's revolvers besides ordinary pistols, a sword, and every man a rifle....The Mexicans are terribly afraid of them."
    General Ethan Allen Hitchcock

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