The First Annual Pilgrim's Camp and Swap Meet
January 26, 2002

After years of cussing and discussing, on January 26 at Liendo Plantation, Jerry Tubbs, Don Herlitz and I, organized our first Pilgrim's Camp and Swap Meet. Jerry did most of the work; Don and his wife Marie arranged for the site and the port o' potties; I did most of the talking (as usual).

We had a ball. What a great weekend!! The weather was crisp, sunny and clear; the camping area was beautiful and the campers were all there to learn. During the day we had in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 people. We had some old timers; we had some wet-behind-the-ears pilgrims and we had folks who had been out of the hobby for awhile and wanted to get started again. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones and talk about Texas history until, literally, the cows came home.

The day started off with Dr. Stephen Hardin, author of the Texian Iliad, giving a talk on living history, reŽnacting and the philosophy of getting started. He also discussed the Farbs vs. the Stitch Nazis which was not only informative e but hilarious. This talk was followed by Confederate artilleryman Steve von Roeder who gave a talk on the basic philosophy of safety and the huge importance we all place on being safe. After lunch, John Bonin, lead historical interpreter at the George Ranch, gave a talk on developing a period personna and things to be aware of when speaking to the public in both 1st person and 3rd person. John was followed by Betsy Parsons and Clarice Shanks who talked about women's fashions in early Texas; the men adjourned for brandy and cigars! Our good friend Burlon Parsons wound up the day by talking about soldado impressions including types of uniforms, tactics and individuals in Santa Anna's army. Attendees included independents and members of the Crossroads of Texas Living History Association, the Texian Legacy Association, the Texas Army, the San Jacinto Volunteers, the San Antonio Living History Association and the Brazos County Militia

After all the talks were over we still had plenty of time enjoy each other's company and do a little trading. It was great fun and we all came away having learned something and some of us even got a few new baubles. Everyone agreed that it was a worthwhile endeavor and that they would like to do it again, so we've already started planning next year's event. Stay tuned to this web site as the details become available.

Sic Semper Texanus
Charlie Yates

The early morning camp.

Bill Aycock tries to get breakfast going.

The good Dr. Stephen Hardin (l) and Col. Jerry Tubbs (r) discuss the presentations.

Our good friend and longtime reenactor, Steve von Roeder, discusses safety.

Steve von Roeder


Clarice Shanks talks bloomers.

Col. Yates' camp.

More Pilgrim's Camp and Swap Meet Photos

* photo courtesy of Dick Boone, SALHA

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