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Native Texan Plates
Texas Reenactor License Plate Frames  

The Texas Legislature has authorized and the Governor has signed the creating a new license plate for issue beginning Sept. 1, 2003: Native Texan , also known as the DRT Plate. The plate will cost an extra $30 on top of your normal vehicle registration with $8 going to administrative costs and $22 going into a fund which will be used by the DRT for preserving Texas historic sites; and funding educational programs that teach Texas history. The plate will be available to be ordered from your County Tax Assessor-Collector starting September 1, 2003, with delivery around the end of the year. Some County Tax Assessor-Collectors are already pre-ordering the plates because they believe the plate will be very popular. Check with you local CTA-C office for further information.

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains a website with the printable versions of the forms necessary to request special plates. Click here for more info and a link to the form , print the form out, fill it in and take it to your county tax assessor-collector's office to order the plates.

On a separate, but related, subject, TLA has license plate frames that read "Texas Reenactor " on top, and the bottom reads "Follow Me to Texas History". These are available for a donation of $5.00 per frame, and wholesale (any single lot of 10 or more) will be a donation of  $3.50 per frame. Shipping & handling will be extra. Contact George or Charlie for more info and to get frames. Jerry Tubbs will be handling them also through the Texas Sutler , handy for those in the Houston area.

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