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From time to time, we receive an article or an extended piece of information from one of our many visitors that we think might be of interest of to the rest of the folks out there. These are links to some of the ones we've received. Please remember, contributions aren't just welcome, they're indispensable. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us at either of the following: director@texianlegacy.com or webmaster@texianlegacy.com. And please remember that you don't have to be a historian or Ernest Hemingway to contribute. If you find a topic interesting, rest assured that other people will too. Write it up and send it in. There are three categories:  historical information covering articles on the people, places, and events of the Texas Revolution;  reenactor information including how to make items, how to do things "the old way", and other ways to bring history to the spectators; and safety information for keeping yourself and your camp in good health. Some of it overlaps, especially reenactor and safety information.

List of Topics

History Notes
Reenactor Help
Safety Information

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