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The Latest Word on the Alamo Movie - A Review

posted April 16, 2004

The cinematography was spectacular; the costumes, impeccable and the set, stunning. It is far and away the most historically accurate film Hollywood has ever made about the Battle of the Alamo. THAT, however, is simply not good enough. It's the same as saying "It's the best forklift Harley-Davidson ever made." What this movie is missing is a story.

    It makes little difference that the weapons are period and the clothes are hand made. It makes little difference that the soldados are dressed properly and the correct saddles are used. Where's the story? This movie reminds me of the sci-fi films that came out immediately following Star Wars which expected special effects to carry a movie which had no plot, no focus and no story. They didn't. It seems that the producers of this movie expected the historical accuracy of persons, places and things to carry the movie in the same manner. They didn't. Without a well crafted story, there is no movie and more importantly, there is no hiSTORY.

    It is painfully obvious that the producers couldn't delineate the story they wanted to tell. It is also clear that, in a very deep bow to political correctness, they wanted no one to be the hero (or at least not too much of a hero.) They wanted a "well balanced" story line. All I can say is that they got one: all view points should be disappointed. With this as a basis, there could only be a rudimentary plot and absolutely no focus. If this movie wasn't made by a committee, it should have been. At least then there would be an excuse. Add to the mix that for 85% of the movie the characters are flat; 2 dimensional.

    And what happened to Goliad? At the time, the cold blooded murder of almost 400 prisoners at Goliad was a much more important event and caused the greatest uproar in both the United States and Texas, far exceeding that of the Alamo. Goliad was also the direct cause of the Texian blood lust at San Jacinto, but not even a passing mention is made in the film.

    My disappointment is not in the portrayal of Crockett or Houston. It's not in the historical inaccuracies (and there are many.) My disappointment is in the missed opportunity to make a great film from a great story.

That's my take on it. If you have comments, questions or opinions, send them to me at: director@texianlegacy.com

Dios y Tejas
Charlie Yates

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