Artillery Live Fire

Fort Hood, Tx
Cold Springs Direct Fire Range
Feb 19, 2005

This is a Live Fire only. School of the Piece will NOT be held at this event, but all attendees will learn something or at least gain experience. All contact, registration and payment info is the same as the September event, with the following clarifications:
A: This is a one-day event, no camping on base this time.
B: Those who have passes from September: they are still good.
(More details to follow as I get them).

Artillery School and Live Fire

Fort Hood, Tx
Cold Springs Direct Fire Range
Sept 11-12, 2004

Please scroll down and read the whole page... there is a lot of information.
The School of the Piece will be conducted by the Capital Guards Artillery, Steve von Roeder, OSB, commanding.
The live fire will be conducted by Anderson’s Battery, Taylor Anderson, OSB, commanding. Those intending to participate in live fire, will need to bring their own ammunition and targets. Experience has shown that a pair of 4x8 sheets of plywood standing vertically on a frame built of 2x4s works well. Thin plywood is better as the ball sails through without disturbing the target as much. Live fire of "shoulder artillery" and "hand artillery" are included in the instructions about ammunition and targets, and will also be under the direction and rule of Anderson's Battery.
The event will be under the auspices of Fort Hood Range Control. Camping will be permitted at Training Area One Charlie. Due to facility constraints there will be a fee of $10 per person to camp. Permits for camping are required, with original signatures, and must be submitted (with payment) to Fort Hood by August 31st. The total cost for participation, per person, will be $20. This includes camping and facilities. The points of contact will be Michael Dunagan at 817-578-4736 and Leo Bush at 512-468-8811. See Leo's part below for a mailing address for fees. Participants must be escorted onto the post. Participants are requested to meet in Flat, Texas at 9 a.m. on 9/11/04 to be escorted onto the post. Prior military personnel know that that means be there by 8:30 at the latest. Participants arriving after the convoy leaves Flat will need to contact one of the P.O.C.’s to be escorted onto the post. Write down Leo Bush's cell number, and take it with you. He advises that his cell works there, and he will have it with him. -ed. The required paperwork is available at the below links and needs to be printed and filled out by each individual, and returned to one of the P.O.C.’s with payment.
Thank you.
Michael Dunagan.
ps- Please send this to others that you think might be interested. As people register please let Leo and I know how many guns you're bringing and how many people you're bringing. We need to get a headcount together pretty quick. One more thing....Fort Hood will not allow open fires but BBQ grills and propane are ok. -MD, 7/16/04

Access registration part 1 .pdf (290K) .jpg (179K)
Access registration part 2 .pdf (133K) .jpg (76K)
Area permit .pdf (175K) .jpg (124K)
Liability form .pdf (79K) .jpg (108K)
vehicle liability form .jpg (181K)
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A little more info on the documents. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. The ones that give area access for camping are the one that says Permit for Vehicle, AREA PERMIT at the top and the form that has Date of Birth, FORT HOOD AREA ACCESS REGISTRATION printed at the top. Those 2 forms are the ones that must be turned in to me (with payment) by no later than Aug 27 so I can get them to the Sportsman Complex at Ft. Hood, along with the $10 Fort Hood permit fee, on time. I have made arrangements with Mrs Johnson there so that I can submit the papers and fees, and pick up the permits for everyone.
Fort Hood Area Access Registration: The top four boxes are self explanatory. From: 9/01/04, To: 8/31/05 (this form is good for one year only). DATE AND SIGN THE BOTTOM. Part 2 (second page) is needed only if you are bringing minors. Each minor will also need an Area Permit form filled out.
Area Permit: This form has 3 boxes; the upper half is for your vehicle. From: 9/01/04, To: 8/31/05. The lower 2 boxes are personal passes, EVERYONE needs one of these to carry with them AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON POST. The left side (back) is signed by you (or by the parent/guardian if a minor). The right side needs to be filled out as follows: SSN (or SSN of the parent/guardian if a minor). AACC# LEAVE BLANK (we assign). Name (print name of holder, even if a minor). Valid from, Valid to, Signature of Range Officer LEAVE THESE 3 BLANK.
Military Liability Release Form: ...the undersigned's participation in the Artillery School to Fort Hood, Texas, on 9/11/04 - 9/12/04 the undersigned... and the bottom needs participant's printed name, signature, and date where indicated.
Fort Hood Training Facilities/Maneuver Training Area Release (vehicle form) is fairly straightfoward, From: 9/01/04, To: 8/31/05. State is State the vehicle is registered in (state of plate issue). It must be filled out for each vehicle and covers that vehicle and the driver. All forms MUST have original signatures on them. As I live right at 100 miles from Ft Hood I would appreciate being able to only make one trip to take care of this. I can turn the applications in as early as Aug 16 if we can get them and the fees ready.
The permits are good for the year from Sept. 1, 2004 thru Aug 31, 2005.
New items, 8/5/04: I spoke to Mrs Johnson at the Ft. Hood Sportsmans Center today for a clarification. With the area access passes people will be free to come and go from the post and our area. They will just have to put up with the gate security unless they come in the back way from Flat. Then I had a thought, and ouch it hurt. Even though you are not going to be driving to the school in Sept, it might be a good idea to put your vehicle info on the area access forms. The reason for this is, the area access permits are good for a year starting Sept 1. I know that many of you probably won't expect to go to Ft Hood for anything, but it would negate the need to go thru the process of adding a vehicle later if you need to.

The other 2 forms have to be turned in to Fort Hood Range Control on or by the date of the school. We can turn them in the day of. These forms must be filled out and turned in before anyone will be allowed on post.

If you also send me your email address, then I will email you a copy of your receipt for the fees, and I will have the hard copy of the receipt when we meet for the caravan into post on the 11th.
So, where is Flat, Texas? From IH35 in Temple, go West on 36 toward Gatesville. Approximately 1/4 mile past Highway 931, there is a Baptist Church, which has the only parking lot in Flat. (The pastor for the Baptist Church in Flat gave us permission to use their parking lot as a meeting place. It is right on State Highway 36, and is actually the only wide spot that I saw on my scouting trip up there. The actual address is 9775 S State Highway 36, Flat, Texas. I told him that we hope to get everyone there and gone by 11 on Saturday. I also told him that I did not forsee anyone leaving a vehicle parked there. He was pleased that we asked permission, and didn't wait to ask forgivness. ) If you get to North Fort Hood, you passed it.
If you have any questions about the forms please contact me, as I have been dealing with the people at Ft. Hood. My phone numbers are 512-581-9443 (home) and 512-468-8811 (cell). My home address is
Leo R. Bush
352 Pecan Acres Rd
Bastrop, TX 78602

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