San Jacinto Battle Reenactment

Participant Rules and Regs
April 23, 2005

Chair of the SJ Volunteers is Jerry Tubbs (713-973-1136)

This is a juried event, by invitation only. Pre-registration is required and must be completed (forms turned in) by April 8th, 2005. Those who did not receive an invitation, but wish to participate, can contact Jerry Tubbs at the above number or email address and discuss what they need to do to obtain approval to participate. There is limited space on the battlefield, which naturally limits the number of participants in each camp. NO WALK-ONS.

This year, due to the archaeological work being done at the previous battle site, the reenactment has moved to the west side of the Monument, north of the reflecting pool. This area has a berm, which will provide an elevated area for the spectators.

Camp commanders:
Mexican: Burlon Parsons (979-532-5285)
Texian: John Donahoo (713-426-7900 (W) 832-693-0834 (C))
Civilian: Kay Donahoo (979-846-6340)
Cavalry: Darrel Glueck (281-347-4651)

General schedule is as follows:
Fri 4/22: 8 AM park open for set-up
Sat 4/23: 7-9 AM Breakfast & check-in
               9 AM General safety meeting REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS immediately followed by meetings in the camps (Mexican, Texian, Civilian) including safety checks
               10 AM - 2 PM Demonstrations of army, civilian life for the public
               11 AM Commander's meeting
               12 Noon Commanders muster all battle re-enactors in respective camps for orders and roster
               2:30 PM Assemble for battle, final safety inspection (only reenactors on noon roster allowed)
               3 PM Reenactment of battle, followed by reenactment of surrender
               6 PM Period dinner for participants (bring your own mess kit, cup/plate/utensils)
               Those who wish may camp overnight (big, plentiful mosquitoes)

Participant rules:

Everyone should e prepared to conduct his or her own living history demonstration. Some may be asked to participate in group demonstrations. We will have three camps this year, and several coordinators. Refer to the list above.

   To participate, your character, dress, and encampment must accurately portray the combatant or civilians of 1836. All attire and equipment will be reviewed. Inappropriate items must be removed from 8 AM to 6 PM. There are several inappropriate items that continually show up, including beadwork, mountain wear/gear, souvenir pins, apache mocs, chukka boots, tennis shoes (this includes on children), eye glasses with obviously modern frames (plain, unobtrusive frames might be OK'd by camp commander - like plain wire frames), sunglasses, enamel- or galvanized ware, kerosene lanterns, tiki lamps, and wicker furniture. Remember that you are part of an army (in retreat or hotly pursuing) or civilian running for your life with little more than the clothes on your back. Consider this, and do not clutter your camp with an overabundance of furniture or other items. Your camp commander can give you help and advice... contact them.

   Children should be in period dress; their care, feeding, and safety will remain the sole responsibility of the adult(s) who brought them. This event does not provide child care.

   Injuries, losses, and damages incurred during this event are the sole responsibility of the adult participant, and are not the responsibility of the San Jacinto Volunteers, Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept., or the San Jacinto Museum of History. All participants will be required to have their own personal health and liability insurance. Please have your medical insurance card with you in case of an emergency.

   The 9 AM Safety Meeting is mandatory for all participants. The 11 AM Commander's meeting is mandatory for all commanders. The noon meeting in the appropriate camp is mandatory for all combatants and scrapers. A roster will be prepared at that time, and that roster determines who will be on the battlefield at 2:30. NO WALK-ONS.

   There is not time to prepare and serve a period meal before the battle. It is suggested (strongly) that you bring simple period fare. Obvious modern meals must be consumed out of sight of the public (for you burger-and-fries crowd). The 6 PM meal will be a complete meal... bring your own dinnerware and utensils.

   Next year's re-enactment is set for Saturday April 22, 2006. Mark your calendar.

Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad.

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